Scheduling classes is not an easy task. Our focus will be directed towards the scheduling of IST courses. The majority of IST courses have prerequisites, are prerequisites, and sometimes both.  Currently, a student is forced to map out the confusing links by hand to form a complicated tree of IST courses. An example of such a graph is shown below:


Aside from prerequisites, one must also take into account what term the course is offered.  It would be a great resource if within a Web Application, a student could select their completed courses and IST Option, a report would be displayed that shows what course will be available to them in a given semester, courses completed, and the prerequisite chain.

This Web Application is directed towards students, advisors, and IST faculty. Students will be able to make a profile and select their completed/current courses and then find out what courses are available to them. Advisors will be able to view student profiles. And the IST faculty will have the ability to easily modify what courses are listed and course prerequisites.

The focus is to design a simple system that is easy to use, update, and most importantly, help alleviate the confusion of scheduling.  In the end, a goal of this application is to make this system available to more than just the College of IST.  For example, one might want to include the SRA courses or possibly make a similar system for Psychology students.