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My name is Eugene Meidinger, and I'm a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. I'm currently working as a contractor in business intelligence and programming.

I've been doing programming since I bought a BASIC cd from a scholastic magazine. I try to learn a variety of languages. Right now I'm doing a lot with PHP and python.

I'm a semi-frequent user of and a bunch of social networks. You can view my stackoverflow cv.

If you need to contact me, you can send an email to eugene@thisDomainName.

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Scansion Markup Tool

I put together a simple tool in html and Jquery for marking up poetry with scansion marks. It has only been tested with Firefox.

Web Link

Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

This program was basically an exercise in coding a stack and using reverse polish notation. It's a simple 4 function calulator but it works, which is interesting to so. It's console based, so there is no jar file available.

Source code

Simple trading game

I did this for my midterm. I never got a chance to implement all of the game logic. The idea was supposed to be that you would travel from port to port buying cheap goods and selling expensive ones. Sometimes, you might get in a fight. Despite not implementing all the logic, it was a good way to get some practice using swing and classes.

Source code
Runnable jar file

Encryption/Decryption tool

When I was taking object oriented programming, I was also in a computer security class. So, instead of the normal final project, I made a tool that could hash text, do symmetric encryption/decryption, and do asymmetric encryption/decryption. It was mostly a matter of finding the classes and code needed to do the work and convert the text to byte arrays. It was a fun project, but I wouldn't actually suggest using this tool for anything.

Source code
Runnable jar file

IST course scheduler

For my databases class, I worked with two other students to make a proof of concept web application for helping with scheduling IST courses. The basic problem is there are a lot of strands of prerequisites for the IST courses. The application takes, as an input, the courses you've completed and returns what you can take for a given semester. I did all of the programming and some of the html.

Web Link

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